Update – On the Right Track

I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive since the release of my book. The release party was very successful and filled with family and friends from all over. Since then, I’ve received so many kind comments from readers, which has been so rewarding.

I’ve recently been interviewed by Jackie Bailey from Navigating Your Fishbowl, see here.  I am  also currently preparing to conduct research at Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center under the guidance of my mentor, Dr. Alan Eastman. We’ve been working together for the past 6 months, developing a plan for experimentation. We plan to spend three weeks testing different protein-targeting drugs to see which could be the most effective for treating leukemia.

Just a quick update before I leave to conduct my research, thanks for everything.


2 thoughts on “Update – On the Right Track

  1. Congratulations, Jennifer. Your future sounds very exciting!
    I have a question for you. I had a *very* interesting trip to Washington DC last April, for my father-in-law’s induction into the NAS. My mother-in-law’s father is George F. Vande Woude, a cancer researcher like you. These two eminent scientists were adamant that art and science are two sides of the same coin. They both use hard-won skill sets, repetition, and experimentation to solve a problem or formulate an end creation. Passion and intuition can play solid roles in both.
    As someone trying to grow up to be an artist, this affinity between two seemingly different disciplines seems right to me.
    What do you think? You are clearly passionate about what you do.
    You must hear this all the time, but I’m so impressed with you.
    I’m glad I stopped by to say hello again. And thank you for following my blog. (:


    • Thank you so much for your appreciative comments and your interest in what I do! About art, yes, I see the similarity now that you describe it but I think it depends on the situation. To me art is about free expression and just pouring out your emotions. But art can also be about technique and skill. I think art technically is very similar, but in science most outcomes are far from pretty. No matter the emotion that went into it, the result can be thrown out. That isnt always true about art. I think art and science are two of the most important things on the planet if not the top two. I think they together hold fact and freedom and nothing is more important than keeping those two things close to you.

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