Why Cancer?

From the first days of my time in the Science Research Program, I began reading article after article about anything remotely biological, without focus on any particular field. I dove into researching the effects of toxins in plastics, birth defects, Down syndrome, Hemophilia and anything else that looked appealing from the title of an article.

As time progressed, I came up with the idea of studying how chemicals like BPA affect fetal development, but quickly became bored. One day in class, after scrolling through a science news site, I found a study that used nanodiamonds to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.

That single article led me to question everything I knew about cancer. I did not originally want to research a disease from personal connection but I found motivation from cancer research to continue learning. Since there are over 200 types of cancer, the most resistant cases will always struggle to find a valuable treatment option. It was the statistic proof that even cancers like breast cancer, which is most often surgical, can be treated with chemotherapy only successfully 1.5% of the time.

The resistance to treatment is what makes cancer so difficult, and finding new, unique ways to target the resistance-promoting factors is what I believe to be the future of cancer research. Any progress in this field that I can contribute to would be an immense success, as the creation of a single drug may help, even at first, dozens of patients survive longer than they might normally, which would be incredible.




6 thoughts on “Why Cancer?

  1. Hi Jennifer

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog https://gsingh1015.wordpress.com It is so admirable to have youngsters fired up and so enthusiastic in the field of cancer research, whether it is cause, prevention, diagnosis or treatment. There is a long way to go. We can all help in our own little way as every little matters!

    Good luck and let me know if you want any help in proof reading your forthcoming book. Best wishes to all your class and your tutors. You are all doing a grand job!

    Regards and best wishes


  2. I do research on premature infants and am I’m interested to see where you go with your blog! I love talking about science and my friends always become so annoyed when I nerd out! Love your blog!


  3. Jennifer I hope you don’t stop your research. There are many treatment modalities out there that are non surgical / non-chemo. I was a patient in Mexico receiving uncooked vegetables and fruits, supplements, IV vit C and other non FDA approved treatments. Sadly people have to leave their country to get help and I believe too many die unnecessarily.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog wishing you all the best.


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